Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Self Discovery ?

When I was producing my work, I was stuck in a rut. A rut where I kept looking for approval or thinking that the idea or concept of the work needed to be discussed before it was even executed. After struggling and grappling with this conflict of where my original conception then becomes discussed in a context before it is even a tangible work and then becomes something contrived and everyone has set expectations. I understand this delicate and complex relationship of art and academia but in the end it is the ART. I am an artist and I need to produce my art work, and as part of our seminar the discussion can only be moved forward when there is completed work to discuss. I'm relieved to be over the hill, to just come to this simple revelation and stop worrying and just create. The second I stopped second guessing my work and analyzing it from the perspective of others- I was able to produce and execute my visions into art forms and truly progress.

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